Monday, January 21, 2008

2008 Spring Shoe Trends

It looks like anything goes for spring shoes this year, but there are a few trends and styles that are more prominent than others.
Designers are trying to change shoe designs, looks like they are getting bored with the basic pump, so Marc Jacobs is moving the heel to the bottom of the shoe. Check out these patent leather Reverse Heels!

People are also going crazy for the Marc Jacobs metallic flat boot. This boot is light weight and perfect for spring.

The wood heel is coming back for spring. Stella McCartney's 2008 spring collection is all wood and wedge heels to create that earthy Eco feel.

The latest trend that designers are showing are the gladiator sandal. We are going to be seeing these everywhere this spring and summer. Take a look at these gladiators by Lanvin.

Lastly, Chanel has popularized that 'rehab shoe'. The shoes are brightly coloured with tiny little purses attached to the ankle strap.

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