Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Joe Fresh Makeup

Canadian designer, Joe Mimran, for Joe Fresh Style has introduced a new line of cosmetics for his high quality/low priced clothing line partnership with Loblaws grocery store. The former designer for Club Monaco and Alfred Sung matches the low prices for quality goods with his makeup, pricing all cosmetics from $4 - $8.

The full line of Joe Fresh cosmetics will feature 8 eye products in 61 different shades, 8 lip products in 69 different shades, 7 face products in 47 different shades, 13 makeup brushes, and 13 cosmetics accessories.

We had a preview of the products tonight, what do you think?

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ИНА_AK-47 said...

I use the Joe Fresh makeup line and love it! It is very affordable, and does as good of a job as any other brand name make up. I am in ***LOVE*** with their pressed face powders, and paired with a light sweep of their pinkest blush, it creates an adorable, flawless face.

The matte lipstick in Poppy is a beautiful, stunning red. However what it has in colour it loses in its total lack of staying power. Very be careful!

The Joe eyeshadow is just as you would expect - agreeable price ($4!) and many many colours to choose from. All are bright, go on smooth and have good staying powder. I have yet to try their mascara as I have yet to run out of my currant brand-name one, but am looking forwards to giving each of their products a go!