Thursday, April 23, 2009

Toronto Alternative Arts And Fashion Week

Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week started on Tuesday with a bang and is set to close on Friday. The theme this year was Between Places and we saw beyond our imagination on Wednesday night. The show took place in the Distillery District Fermenting Cellar, which was decorated with giant orange helium balloons, and red lights.

The show opened with fashion shows from Zuzanium, ANIKA, andal-lopez, and Worth. By Savid C Wigley. These shows pushed the limits of fashion with models of all shapes and sizes, as well as models walking with themes of drunkenness, or playfullness. We also can't forget the acrobats who stole the show!

Being Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week, the fashion shows were separated by music by Umbrella Mafia and The Jing Bang Show.

The next fashion showcase showed the designes of Amanda Rose, Cherry Blossom, Romandin by Cristina Sabaiduc, and Deadly Nightshades. This fun loving show had eco-friendly designs, and method acting models handing out tequila shots!

The last fashion showcase of the night showed the designs of Paper People Clothing, Elizaveta Yankelovich aka Kameleon, Meet My Art By Baby Steinberg, and Too Hot Too Wet Too Dangerous: By Karey Shinn. This last show was the most unique with oversized jewelry as dresses, dancing polar bears, and acrobatics.

Photograhy by Julie Heffernan

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