Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lingerie Francais - The Secrets of Seduction

Who does lingerie better than the French? They seem to be the experts in this area of fashion and we found out the new trends in lingerie at the Secrets of Seduction fashion show at Wychwood Barns in Toronto.

The Toronto fashion celebs were out on Wednesday night to fix their eyes on the sexy models and of course their barely there lingerie. The show started out with Lejaby, who choose faux fur wraps and little military hats to complete the look of their lacy bras and panties.

Empreinte went the hipster route giving all the models thick framed glasses, which we thought very clever! Gives the monochromatic lingerie a little more edge.

Simone Perele was all about bright reds and pinks and mixing the two colors.

Elixir lingerie was naughty and playful with masks and gloves....imagine that in the bedroom.

Passionata had lingerie of all colors and shapes, but all the models walked out with giant feather fans to hide behind when feeling shy.

Gerbe was an interesting collection of body suits, very Broadway!

Lastly, Chantelle finished things off with tiny thongs and ended the show with a bride and (female) groom!

All Toronto fashion shows seem not complete with out some sort of acrobatics show for the intermission. The lingerie show was no acception to the trend! Ballerinas stepped out on the runway twisting and flying in the air on ropes! Amazing sights!

Photography by Julie Heffernan.

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