Thursday, October 22, 2009

David Dixon Searches For The Exotic

The David Dixon show at Toronto Fashion Week started out with some exotic music and a story of a woman searching for the beauty and femininity from far away lands like the gardens in Babylon. With this inspiring story we failed to see some awe inspiring clothes, but the collection was pretty.

The color scheme was black, white, bright blue, and a glam yellow (oh...and a few glittery silver pieces). The models walked in very high heels, in strapless dresses, and short blazers with pencil skirts.

Waiting for the show was the worst part, Fashion Week in Toronto was poorly organized this year, and people were actually pushing to get into the show! Not exactly a classy event. It was so hot in there that between David Dixon and Barbie by David Dixon, they gave out free beer....that made everything better!

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