Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Super Unique (and stylish) Bags!

Kristine Gottilla is a handbag designer from Brooklyn, New York, who has some amazing ideas and a lot of creativity up her sleeves. Gottilla designs each bag with quirky hardware and out-of-the ordinary silhouettes. The designs come from picturing the girl who hates sitting across from someone wearing the same thing as her. These bags are made for the girl who takes pride in being original. No bag is exactly the same, they are all hand made and hand stiched.

Not only do these bags look fantastic, a portion of each bag sale is put into a fund to distribute sewing machines to young women in India.

Front 242 - 242 Grand Street
Brooklyn, NY
open 2-7pm every day.

Kristine Gottilla also makes custom orders via e-mail.

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