Friday, September 24, 2010

I Want It: H&M Dresses

O.M.G. Made the mistake of going to H&M on my lunch break. Bad idea. I am technically supposed to be on a shopping ban, but the new fall collections called to me from the store windows on my foray to find nutrients at noon. H&M is one of my fave places to shop, 1. because I ALWAYS find something that is super cute 2. they have soooo many options and are constantly changing the merchandise and 3. it's pretty cheap and you can buy a ton of stuff at once.

I shouldn't be looking at dresses since I bought a crap ton this summer, but these are really cute -- I'm putting these on my To Buy List:

I know that this one seems the odd ball out, but I am drawn the print..and I kinda like the way it looks on:
I was also drawn to a floaty black dress, took it to the dressing room and realized as I was pulling it over my head, that I purchased the same dress in red a month ago....sigh.

If you live in North America like we do here at Style Cocktail, you can't shop online -- only the lucky fashionistas who live in Finland, Norway, the UK and a small handful of other countries get that option. But, you can check out the new merch, see pics of the items styled on models and hope and pray for online access here.

-- Erica

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