Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rain Boot Obsessive Compulsion

Recently my super cute rain boots (that I picked up for $5 at Aldo!) cracked. I think it was because I wore them out in the blizzard in New York. I really liked these boots, they were handy to have around and they were cute blue plaid.

With a desperate need to replace my boots, I have become obsessed with rain boots. These are my dream boots....Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek boots. Beautiful!

I wanted them in navy blue with the white laces. They run for $179, which is a pretty decent price for the quality. They are made from 100% natural rubber with a cotton fleece lining. These boots are from Denmark and can be ordered here.

Due to some financial reconsideration, I talked myself out of my dream boots and ended up with another super cute pair for a fraction of the price. I'm now waiting for my Steve Madden Tsunami rain boots. These ones I got for $67, and I love the look of them. They are black with a red zip up the back. Love the unconventional rain boot style of these, with the buckles.

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