Saturday, October 6, 2007

Rimmel Under Fire For Ad Featuring Kate Moss

Rimmel's newest ad campaign for their new mascara, Magnif'eyes, is under scrutiny by the Advertising Standards Authority.

The questionable ad, which features Kate Moss using the mascara, is being criticized for failing to provide evidence that Moss was actually wearing just the mascara and not false eyelashes. The ASA said that the visuals are misleading to consumers.

Recently, L'Oreal was under fire for the same issue - a viewer contacted the ASA about the false lashes worn by Penelope Cruz in a commerical for their Telescopic mascara.

So, it would appear that beauty companies will have to start being more accountable for the claims they make in their ads and how they represent their product in pictures and commercials.

But where do you draw the line? Will beauty ads no longer be airbrushed or manipulated so that consumers will see the accurate results of the products they want to buy? Whatever the resulting changes are - the face of beauty advertising may change drastically if there is a crack down.

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