Friday, October 5, 2007

Style Solutions for Young Fashionistas

Fashion is as popular with kids today as sports were a decade ago, and now there is style help for the under 18 set. Young fashion lovers now have access to stylists and personal shoppers all tailored to fit their specific needs.

little biRd, a company based in New York, offers personal styling and personal shopping services for children and teens. They have everything from birthday packages to special event styling and they even have consultants who help kids with their wardrobes and back to school shopping.

The company is run by two fashion lovers with a knack for style - just our kind of girls - we love seeing a couple of fashionistas get together and share their fashion knowledge with the world! Zoey Washington got her fashion start in magazines and worked in the accessories department at Vogue, and her friend, Ruthie Schulder, traveled the world in search of fashionable finds.

Their services aim to educate parents and kids about fashion; where to shop, what to buy, and how to put it all together.

Busy moms and dads who are overwhelmed by shopping for their kids will love what they have to offer. little biRd's seasonal wardrobe update service will help keep up with the clothing demands of growing children and help navigate the changes in trends.

For a customized style, they offer specialized styling and personal shopping experiences based on personal beliefs and your budget. They can help you build an eco-friendly wardrobe and help you get the most bang for your fashion buck.

Most importantly, little biRd's goal is to give fashion advice to help budding fashionistas look their fashionable best.

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