Friday, October 22, 2010

Old Navy Coat Sale & Shopping Rant

First off, let me start by saying I'm thrilled that Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic now ship to Canada. Hurrah! So far I have made 2 orders, the first, with the free shipping option, took forever. Almost 2 weeks. But my Old Navy order took only a few days, but I had to pay for it ($8). I know, I know, there is a Gap and Old Navy on every corner, right? But sometimes my day job keeps me busy, not only during business hours, but for after hour events as well. And, I like the thrill of getting makes it more fun this way.

Anyway, today I learned that sometimes it IS better to shop online. I spied some cute wool coats on -- you know, the ones that aren't really made for winter because they aren't warm enough, but are really cute, so you try to make them work for fall, even if you won't get much wear out of them? They were onsale for $29, so I was like, sold, since I wouldn't pay full price ($90) on an item I can't wear THAT much.

Since I had time, I went in store and tried on the coat in the blue/purpley colour and it's SUPER CUTE. But, the tag is still full price. I go to the counter and ask about the sale price but, no dice. "Online prices are different than store prices." Um, wat? I responded "well it looks like I can go home to order it for $29 instead." And, that's what I did.

So word of warning: ALWAYS check the site first. I wanted to start telling other people trying on those coats to just order them online. Since GAP, Old Navy etc are readily accessible, it doesn't hurt to just check the site before heading out -- the items you want may be cheaper online.

Oh, and I also picked up this more functional winter coat as well. This one is on sale in store and online for $39.

-- Erica

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