Friday, July 15, 2011

Vintage Shoe Obsession

I have a love for vintage shoes. This obsession started when I was younger and my mother showed me a pair of 'blue suede shoes' that she wore when she was a young lady. She carefully took them out of the closet and told me that those shoes were just like the Elvis song. I was amazed. Not only were they beautiful shoes that my beautiful mother wore long ago, but they were also associated with a song!

My mother gave those shoes to me a while ago. I'll show you those shoes some other time, in another post, but for right now I want to share my fairly recent find.

I bought a pair of vintage Ferragamo's from '1 of a Find' vintage shop (633 Vanderbilt Ave) in Brooklyn. I have small feet so vintage shoe shopping is fun for me. I saw these shoes and put them on my feet. They looked and felt perfect. The amazing staff at the store asked in amazement, "those fit you? You are so lucky!"

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